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More than thirty years ago, I moved to Texas from the Netherlands. I grew up with big Dutch Warmblood horses and I was looking for the most versatile horse that could compete with any breed.
I wanted size, big stride and a lot of push from behind. I searched for several years in the U.S., Europe, and South America for this type of horse.

In 1998, I met Bill and Hansi Melnyk. They had the breeding stock that I had been looking for. The herd looked very uniform in type and confirmation. I was swept away by the extreme movement.

The Hadban Enzahi type of horses are bigger and more stretchable. They are bred to the more rounder Koheilan type of horses. This mating gives excellent horses with the best of both. You get a lot of size without losing type.

Hansi has consistently line bred to the best producing racing stock of the desert. Nazeer sons on Sameh, Antar and Mashhour daughters. And example of this is Serenity Shahra out of Shahrzada, who is a full sister to Aswan.  Another example is SF Bint Mamlouka, top producing daughter of Mashhour.   Mashhour raced till he was 17 ! The Shahra line and Mashhour line produce a lot of size.

In 1999, I purchased the yearling stallions Serenity Touchan and Serenity Sharuf, along with two young mares Serenity Shahara and Serenity Shatare. In 2000, two fillies Serenity Arufa and Serenity BT Mamluk joined my herd.

Later that year, I bought my dream horse, the 1994 stallion, Serenity Shahail. In 2002, the newborn colt Frisia Armani was purchased.

These horses are tall with very good bone structure and nice round hard hooves. They have a wide chest and hips, and are deep through the girth for good lung capacity. The well laid-back shoulder gives freedom of movement to the front. There is room for a fist between the jaws and no extreme dip in the head, giving good freedom of oxygen flow. They have a long sloping croup, they fold the hocks really well, and move the hindlegs under far. This gives a big over-stride.

The front legs move up and out. The whole horse gets enormous elevation and floats through the air. Because of this big stride, they still trot while other horses have to canter to keep up the pace.

Their low heart rate and quick recovery make them very competitive in racing and endurance. The big size, the elevation, laid back shoulder and powerful hindquarters make superb dressage and sport horses. The offspring look phenomenal.

It is very exciting to work with these purebred desert horses. The Bedouins took them to war, for they are proud and brave and endured and survived for centuries. The Bedouins take them into their tents, for they are loyal and affectionate companions.

You are welcome to come visit and look into their eyes and experience the desert horse.

~Willemina de Boer
Owner, Frisia Arabians

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